Authorization letter sample

Authorization letter is used to grant authority along with responsibility to someone on behalf of the writer of the letter. It is widely used for insurance, medical, personal, and business purposes. Specifically in authorization letter, it is compulsory to use correct grammar and exact words to communicate your intentions and expectations clearly.

In authority letter, one should mention his expectation clearly about the responsibilities and should clearly mention the position of authority belongs to the work he is giving.

Authority letters can be issued to many; few examples: to the family member for the authority to do some work on behalf of you, any person to do some work on specific area, junior to do some kind of work behalf of you, or for medical treatment consultation. As it is mentioned above that this letter is related to serious issues, it should always been taken care of using simple and official language in letter.

Guidelines to write an authority letter.

An authority letter should be able to communicate the authority along with the responsibilities clearly. Letter of authority must be written in formal manner. In authority letter, the name of the person who receives authority if needed his identity proof must be mentioned along with his photo affixed. Time-period for which you are giving authority to any person must be mentioned.

Receiver's name – on left side of the letter, write the person's name, address,

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and any identification proof to confirm the right person and avoid misuse of the letter.

Introduction – give an introduction of the person about his post or in case of personal work, your relation with the person you are giving authority.

Main paragraph – in main paragraph, mention the work and the expectations from that person on letter precisely but clearly to make sure of every responsibility and regarding authorities you are giving to him.

Conclusion – conclude your letter of authority with the date and time you are giving to him and after this conclusion, write your name, and authority, which you use to give this authority letter to the recipient.

Affix your signature and date at the end of the letter of authority.

Below is one authority letter sample for formal purposes.

Receiver's name- Mr. Ronald Nixon Receiver's address- Date-

Max New York Life Insurance Corporation Address- Date-

Dear Sir,

I Mrs. Stella Jones hereby authorize, my son Johnson, to claim all my payments from your insurance company (Max New York LIC) on behalf of me.

I am seriously ill and admitted in the hospital hence, unable to receive my payments. My husband will give at least three documents of identity proof. Note that this claim of payment will be for the period of March 2008 to April 2009 only.

Name of writer- Signature- Address of writer- Contact number- Date-

This authority letter sample will help you to write precise and accurate letter in future.

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